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Affordable and Practical Weight Loss Plans

Chester River Weight Loss Center offers you healthy treatments that help you lose weight gradually. Once you reach your goal weight, our plan will help you sustain it. Lose weight while eating generous portions of the right foods, so you stay full and satisfied. We incorporate behavior modification and help you build healthy habits for life.

You're on Your Way to a Fit and Healthier You

  • Improve your health
  • Get the tools you need to lose weight
  • Support for weight loss maintenance
  • Eat healthier and feel full and satisfied
  • Reach your goal weight
  • Feel good about the new you
  • We support you in every step of the way
  • Learn why proteins are so important
  • Learn about the glycemic load
Weight Loss

Chart Your Success

Our weight chart will help you determine your proper measurements. The chart gives us a base for your body frame and bone structure, so we can determine your ideal weight and help you set attainable goals.
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Are you ready? We can help you reach your goal weight.
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